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survival of the scariest by nuke1007
survival of the scariest
Foxy and 096, one must always be monitored, the other must never be revealed. unlike my last image where i was clearly biased towards 096, this one i'm more impartial to a decision. both of them have qualities that would even them out with the other. making this a pretty fair fight. so i thought to myself "why not make a dramatic camshot of the two just as they are charging each other? While at it why not make them inches away from each other, about to make the first blows?" and so here we are, I give you, survival of the scariest.
Because by nuke1007
it's not every day that you ride a ball pit down a slide made of T.A.R.D.I.Ses into the gaping jaws of godzilla... that is unless you happen to be able to traverse the multiverse like these two lucky individuals. Unlike Final Stand  Despite putting more work into it i like this one for how simple and enjoyable it is
Final Stand by nuke1007
Final Stand
I started listening to  115. and found that this started to develop. so i stayed up till five working on this. anyways for those of you who don't get it, fluttershy and rainbow dash where both horribly injured whilist fighting the endless horde of zombies, so pinkie taking a final stand took to defending her freinds with every ounce of her being


Come on flutters
smile for me
you act like i'm the bad guy
in this self portrayed tragedy
but I feel better now
since you all will become part of me
withering away
and giving me energy

do you think I care
about what you did
to the others
shall I say it's unfair
killing our sisters and brother
that they didn't deserve this
they were more than our friends
they were our family
and yet you still felt their lives should be spent

something along those lines
but wow look at the time
it would seem the baking's done
that smell simply divine
But hell I could share with you
cause you my friend too
or you can deny the opportunity
and ignore the real you

All you know is the sweet
the petite
the little pony who see's her shadow
and is off with the speed
but as you insanity
bending reality
I am wrath the darkness
that installs fear in everything

But your to soft
and held back
you would never attack
a dearest of friends
so your just talking smack
but this was entertaining
but i'm bored once again
I think it's about time
you joined the rest of our friends.

you foolish pony
I've made dragons cower
All recognize my power
to break down the spirit
and in turn devour
but if you really want to play
I don't have time for your mess
for I live with discord
and you pinkie are second best

(my comment)
you got the plot
you got the gold
but discords love is really old

your eyes are hot,
they burn allot
but you haven't seen my master plan

my fans concrete
they make some weep
with minds like that they power me

so let me tell you one last time
lets start this party and "drop the bass:

I had to put it up as a journal entry... it was just too good to go void in the vast sea of comments

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